Monday, January 4, 2010

Creeping back into paint again...

Okay, so I DID finish this little study! Just in time for the show (drop-off is tomorrow, and the weather is suitably frigid. Thanks, Mother Nature...) Here's a brief evolution of getting my 'sea legs' back. I was never great with oils, but surprisingly, painting digitally has helped some. Not that this is a masterpiece, but it'll do. The colors are much sweeter, in person. I swear. Honest... (The first three are digital photos, the last is a scan. My scanner is better than our old camera.) 8"x10", oil on masonite panel.


Purdy said...

Looking good Chris. I think her 'cheek to jaw'on the right hand side look a little flat, but I'm assuming you're still gonna keep working on this? Love those lips! Soft eyes.. lush.
You have my admiration for painting in oils, I'm crap at it. :)


CGriffin said...

Thanks for the crit, Scott! Sadly, I can't work on it anymore because it has to hit the gallery today. The scan isn't totally accurate, but you're spot on; I had a hard time integrating lighter lights with the oils so it's kinda flat. I plead timidity! Happy New Year, m'friend!