Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Purple rain, purrrrple rain....

Feedback, please! I'm trying to respect Painter (again) and work out a style that's less boringly totally dries up what little imagination I have. Is it working? Does the face look too referenced? Too sloppy? Does the color purple totally suck? You tell me!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Shtuff

Speedpaintliness! With Painter IX. *splat*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Show Must Go On!

Despite inclement weather, ArtPad's 'Pretty or Funny' show went swimmingly! Or snowingly, as the case may be. We didn't stay long...the kids were as patient as they could be...but I was jazzed to see my stuff on a wall again. It's a little weird, standing around not knowing anyone. It's like "Um, what do I do with my hands?" But all networking starts this way...with one small step.

There's another show next month at ArtPad that promises to get some press; the theme is erotic art. (Imagine that! Sex getting press...what is this world coming to?!) I actually can't wait to paint some nekkid pipples! Is that so wrong? It'll be tasteful, I promise. Anywho, enjoy the pics from 'Pretty or Funny', such as they are. Photography is not my forte...yet... :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Creeping back into paint again...

Okay, so I DID finish this little study! Just in time for the show (drop-off is tomorrow, and the weather is suitably frigid. Thanks, Mother Nature...) Here's a brief evolution of getting my 'sea legs' back. I was never great with oils, but surprisingly, painting digitally has helped some. Not that this is a masterpiece, but it'll do. The colors are much sweeter, in person. I swear. Honest... (The first three are digital photos, the last is a scan. My scanner is better than our old camera.) 8"x10", oil on masonite panel.