Monday, December 28, 2009

Fear the Brush!

There's this little gallery on the other side of town that hosts periodic open-submission bring it, they'll hang it! So I'm painting a little portrait for it, in the hopes of shaking off my fear of failure (in the traditional medium.) I've started SO many paintings, only to abandon the poor things in a fit of insecurity and lack of direction. Gotta stop that sh*t. So here's a peek, to hopefully keep me on task. If I say it out loud, it makes it real, right?

The theme of the show is "Pretty or Funny or Both". Not sure which end of the spectrum this will wind up in, though. Hrmmm.

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Josh "Creep" said...

You have absolutely nothing to fear. I love what you are you doing with these traditional materials.

So much of the art I see in galleries is not half as good as the works you are going. I especially love 'Crucifixotica'. Keep going and remember, figurative works are often looked over but they will have their day again. And the ones that show knowledge of anatomy, color and that inner "something" that makes paintings so magical will be the ones that rise to the top.

I don't doubt that going this direction your art will be right up there.