Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Mash-up

Take high-fashion, add in a liberal dose of Luke Kopycinski , try to work with texture (which is tough for me, as I hate to 'flaw' creamy complexions), and this is what flops out. (I wanted to get the whiny rant off the top post too. Boooooring!)

PS7, but mostly Painter 9, two sporatic hours, ref used.

Later, taters...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compare and despair...BIG TIME

I am SO frustrated right now. And tired because it's 2 a.m., but I've gotta rant. About myself, so turn back now if you're not in the mood for abject self-loathing.

Right. Still here? Brave soul. So I decided to try Jon Schindehette's 'Discovering a Muse' Challenge (I've plugged it before in this blog.) Great cause, great inspiration. But I must've been smoking crack when I got the notion I'd do a half-way decent job. It effing sucked. Oh, sure, when I was painting it I thought I was da man...who da man? YOU da man! Then I saw the other entries. And I saw my sh*tty digital photo of a VERY yellow oil painting. And I wanted to chisel out my own eyeballs with a palette knife.

I feel clueless. Like my favorite big red rubber ball is slowly deflating and I'm lost as to how to stop it. I have all the imagination, skill and charm of a half-baked potato.

Ain't it great to be an artist? I should've chucked it all in years ago. I don't have the time or commitment or finances to get good. Good enough to make a decent living, anyway. But I can't solve for 'x'. This is all I know how to do: be a mom/housewife, and do artstuffs. I'm 45. 46 in a month. It's a little late to reinvent myself now, so guess I'll soldier on. Things will look brighter in the morning; they always do. And on that cheery note, I'd best be taking my sorry ass to bed. Oh, wait, I have to pack lunches and set out clothes for the kids. Great. 'Night all...