Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Want Your Sex...

Okay, cheap shot to get your attention. But it worked, didn't it? :D

I think I'm actually getting the hang of oils, after...oh...20 years or so? This painting went a lot more intuitively, even though I have miles to go before I can actually mix the color I want. God, I miss digital for that very reason. Sucks not having every color at your fingertips. But the tangibility of an actual painting is happy-making.

SO! This piece will hang at The Art Pad Gallery this weekend, for their second annual 'Erotica' show. I can't wait, really! I got a peek at a few of the other pieces and man, they are good. I hope the snow doesn't suppress the turn-out. And I hope I didn't overprice my painting...

I let y'all know.

'Crucifixotica', 18x24, oils. $600


faerywitch said...

You are doing a very good job at coming back to oils. I like the skin tones you pulled for this one and how the colors are in areas and not in perfectly blended transitions.
I hoe you have a great time in the show!! Is there a link to it>

CGriffin said...

I put a link up at my Facebook site, but there's not a lot of press on it yet, Coty.

Stuff should be here eventually: