Friday, May 22, 2009

She's Come Undone

I lieu of actual work, I opted to do an Illustration Friday thing. More and more I'm looking at my age, and my life, and saying to myself "Self, why aren't you doing what you truly want to do with your stinkin' art?" No more commissions. When I get finished with this last, rather weighty batch of assignments, I'm done. Finito. I'm breaking out the traditional media, and putting on my beret, and tripping the art fantastic. (Ya think because I've put it into words it'll happen this time? We shall see...)

Anywho, Illustration Friday's topic is 'Cracked'. Funny, that.


jean benabou said...

I can so relate to that.
Wonderful illustration!

spindelmaker said...

Great illustration. Good luck on your journey!

Purdy said...

Oh yes, this is exactly what we were talking about the other day eh. I'm absolutely in love with this style and train of thought Chris, bravo M'lady!